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While the world shrinks, it increases the market of property worldwide. Innovation, new designs in housing and new opportunities for investment appear. In Costa Properties we are constantly in the search for these opportunities and when we are satisfied completely

by our findings is when we show to the potential customers and also to investors.


In the present we are focusing on - Costa de la Luz, la Costa del Sol. Keep on top of the incredible tenders that will be available soon.


If you are looking for a holiday property or an investment property for rent or buy to sell, in Costa Properties we assure you CAN'T find best prices and quality and finance.


For your future and tranquillity contact Costa Properties.

# Bustling complexes fashion to Coast walk, quiet villages and amazing scenery.

# Accessibility magnified through any Spanish airport!

# Low Cost Flights!

# Relaxed lifestyle!

# Low cost of living!

# Complexes Golf Fabulous!

# Excellent investment potential!

# Economy and stable currency!

# The new hot spot of the Mediterranean!

# Cosmopolitan lifestyle!

# Large Amount frontline golf courses and five-star resorts!

# Markets booming!

# The new Caribbean, an hour south of the Canary Islands!

# 3 degrees warmer than the Canary Islands!

# 10 Great islands to be discovered!

# Rica influence in Africa, the Mediterranean and Hispanic.

# Investment Opportunity as 20 years ago in the Caribbean!

# Tranquil surroundings and fabulous water sports!

# Low cost of living!

# Hot, dry weather all year round!

# 30 first class golf courses!

# Stunning beaches!

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