FAQ in Spain

Who can buy?

Any international investor or resident can buy in Spain in our properties.

Reservation deposit

The reservation deposit can be paid before visiting our properties. These range from 3,000 to 15,000 euros depending on what the owner requires. Deposits are refundable up to the visit.

Payment Methods

The full deposit is 30-40% (depending on the owner) and pay upon signing the contract. You will need not pay any amount more to delivery of keys.

Bank Accounts

Opening a bank account can you can easily arrange for the buyer, Costa Properties will be happy to help you with the paperwork.



The first step is to formalize the offer of the property and remove it from the market, this to protect other potential buyers. Once the terms of the purchase have been discussed and the seller accepts the offer, a reservation document and the corresponding amount, before the document private purchase contract is signed.


Costa Properties stresses that all sales contracts contain complete and accurate descriptions of the dimensions and characteristics of each property it end.


The search is completed and the parties are satisfied, when the private contract is signed by both parties. At this point the amount deposited is 30-40%.


The completion of the purchase of the property takes form in the presence of a Spanish notary when the buyer and seller sign the deed of the property. The notary is a state official who makes sure that contracts are legal. His duty is to certify that the contract has been signedand that the buyer and seller are aware of their tax obligations.

The relevant payment the day of the signing Notaria is made. It may be granted a limited power of attorney to sign before a notary, for those customers who can not attend the notary.


Once the process is completed and becomes the owner in question, the notary register the property in the Property Registry so that it appears as the new legal owner. The deed to the property will usually take about 3-4 sermanas to be recorded by the Land Registry. The notary warn us that the title is in the registry. The notary is also responsible for paying taxes surrounding the purchase (including registration and fees)


Like any new property need to hire the services necessary for

housing (water, electricity ...). We will be happy to assist you in the process. Payment for services is made through debit payments. It is advisable to open a bank account in Spain for these purposes, and again encantándoos will assist them in the process of opening a local bank account.

Taxes notary fees, registry and agency fees.

The formalization process and cost is between 0.7 to 0.8% based on a scale depending on the value of the property.

I.V.A. Corresponds to the value added tax.

 This is for the new properties. The index is 04% applied to the building and construction activity.

I.T.P. Tax on capital corresponds transmissions.

 This is used for properties. The index is 08% applied to the building and construction activity

Capital gain. Townhalls.

As a result of the transfer of ownership of a property or the creation or transfer of interests in land (eg a usufruct), you have to pay tax on the increased value of urban land.

Capital gains. National Government.

In Spain capital gains it depends on the Autonomous Community where the property is located, and in addition to the personal and family circumstances of each. But the tax base would begin approximately from 20% of the profit from the sale.

Taxes always hereditary transmissions and when it is within the family line.

Depending on which autonomous region the property is located, the tax will vary. In the region of Andalusia tax was 12%.


All visits are fixed as follows. We recommend that you visits with our professional team. We will be happy to help you book your flights and hotels if necessary. No charge for this service.


Spain reach plane or car today an easy trip as teneo a wonderful infrastructure of roads and highways, and also the best airports in the world.

It's a short drive up our property once we quote us with you. You will have the opportunity that you give away with a guided tour of the area.

Discover Spain.

(All itineraries are subject to change according to the times and availability).

To get maximum performance at this fantastic offer simply follow the following procedure:

- Contact us to confirm available dates (pricked in callback).

- Book your flight and stay in Malaga or alternatively we help to management.

- Inform our office flight number as the date and time of arrival.

- Sit back, relax and enjoy your trip.

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